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G20 Hangzhou summit party stage

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清徐颓焊餐汽车用品有限公司 2022 『生肖配对』 -Mobile

Ningbo new macro hydraulic "brace" of the G20 Hangzhou summit party stage

The evening of September 4th, the G20 Hangzhou summit Gala "best memories in Hangzhou" in West Lake staged shock, from the moonlit night to Swan Lake, from the tea picking dance to the song of joy, from opera to ballet...... The actors dancing lightly in West Lake on the surface of the figure, the global audience was amazing. It is reported that, as the world's first 3000 square meters of G20 performance, the stage stage rotation and lifting hydraulic device is provided by Ningbo Zhenhai Xin Hong hydraulic company.

It is reported that the new macro hydraulic product plan has also been successfully applied to Putuo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and other large-scale arts and crafts projects, which has been widely recognized and trusted by the industry.

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